Wiebe Education - Service Scholarship

The initial funding of this endowed scholarship was made possible by contributions from Ann Wiebe, Richard Wiebe, and Dr. Billie Jean Wiebe, all graduates of Fresno Pacific University and long-time public or private school educators spanning the elementary to university levels. Each has earned one or more advanced degrees and has a history of service. All have worked on the Fresno Pacific campus for at least part of their careers, two as faculty and one as a curriculum developer at the AIMS Education Foundation.

This scholarship shall be awarded to one student accepted into the fifth-year education program at Fresno Pacific University who received their bachelor's degree from Fresno Pacific.


  • Fresno Pacific University graduate at B.A. level;
  • Enrolled in the single-subject and/or multiple-subject teaching credential program at Fresno Pacific University;
  • In addition to academic work, a demonstrated involvement in community/church service work during his or her undergraduate years;
  • Student athletes must meet NCAA Division II regulations for scholarships;
  • A student whose personal character reflects the moral and ethical standards of Fresno Pacific University.

Letter of Recommendation Requirement

This scholarship does not require a letter of recommendation.