Steinert-Kruger Endowed Scholarship

The Steinert-Kruger Endowed Scholarship was established in 1975 with a gift of 120 acres of land located in Kern County by Marvin and Nadene Steinert. This endowed scholarship was established in honor of Edward Kruger (the father of Nadene Steinert) and in honor of E. M. Steinert (the father of Marvin Steinert). Marvin and Nadene have been deeply committed to Christian higher education evidenced by their substantial investment of time and finances in Fresno Pacific College, now known as Fresno Pacific University.

Marvin Steinert served on the university Board of Trustees for many years, serving as chairman and treasurer and on the Gym Steering Committee, which was responsible for constructing the Special Events Center.

The Steinert's have been willing to give in order to further the Kingdom of God. It is hoped that this scholarship will serve as an encouragement to develop values and commitments similar to those evidenced by the donors of this scholarship.


  • Students must accept the moral standards of Fresno Pacific University;
  • Students must demonstrate potential for contributing to the church, the university and the community;
  • Student athlete(s) must meet NCAA Division II legislation for Athletic Aid;
  • Preference shall be given to students on the following basis:
  • First preference shall be given to applicants who are direct descendants of Marvin and Nadene Steinert;
  • Second preference shall be given to applicants who are members of the Heritage Bible Church in Bakersfield, California;
  • Third preference shall be given to applicants who are residents of Kern County;
  • Fourth preference shall be given to students enrolled full time at the university and in good standing and demonstrate sufficient academic ability to benefit from and complete a full course of study at Fresno Pacific University.
  • Once awarded a recipient has priority for their remaining years of study towards their current degree so long as they reapply annually.

Special Criteria

1. If you are a direct descendent, please describe how you are related to Marvin and Nadene Steinert.

Letter of Recommendation Requirement

This scholarship requires a letter of recommendation. You can add one to your profile and it will be added to your application.