The Lin Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship was established in 2000 to provide financial assistance to students from China and other Asian countries so they can attend Fresno Pacific University. This scholarship will financially assist international students to receive a Christian education with the intent of returning to their home country and providing a Christian influence there, in whatever occupation they choose.


  • Preference given to students from China;
  • Secondary preference given to students from other Asian countries;
  • Demonstrates financial need;
  • Commitment to returning to country of origin at the completion of education to positively effect change in their home country;
  • Exhibited academic excellence in previous studies
  • Student athletes must meet NCAA Division II Regulations for scholarships;
  • Evidence of a Christian commitment to the Lordship of Christ in their life;
  • Acceptance of the moral and ethical standards of Fresno Pacific University;
  • Students entering the United States on an F-1 visa.

Letter of Recommendation Requirement

This scholarship does not require a letter of recommendation.