Leon and Alice Peters Business Leaders Scholarship

This scholarship was established in 1986 by Alice Peters, wife of Leon S. Peters, lifelong business and civic leader of Fresno. This endowed scholarship was established to honor and encourage outstanding business students who have completed at least two years of college, and who have demonstrated special potential for the same kind of significant leadership in business and civic affairs that marked the life and service of Leon S. Peters.


  • Student applicants who demonstrates strong mastery of the principles of business and economics;
  • Students who have the ability to organize and influence others toward excellence and high productivity;
  • Students with understanding of the role of business in improving the quality of life in a free enterprise system;
  • Student athletes must meet NCAA Division II Regulations for scholarships;
  • Evidence of a Christian commitment and acceptance of the moral and ethical standards of Fresno Pacific University;
  • Demonstrates sufficient academic ability to complete a full course of study at Fresno Pacific University;
  • Demonstrates commitment to make a positive contribution to the church, university and larger community.

Letter of Recommendation Requirement

This scholarship does not require a letter of recommendation.