Joy Lynn Handwerker Champion Endowed Seminary Scholarship

This scholarship was awarded in 2015 by family and friends in memory of Joy Champion. After raising her family, Joy pursued her passion of studying the Bible. At age 50 she enrolled at the MB Biblical Seminary (now FPU Biblical Seminary) and received her master's degree in Christian ministry. She received straight A's for her entire course of study. Joy often spoke of her seminary family in Fresno, which she credited with helping her grow spiritually and theologically while emphasizing the subjects of peacemaking and reconciliation.


  • Preference given to female students;
  • Preference for students enrolled in a Christian ministry program;
  • Preference for students pursuing congregational ministry;
  • Students whose personal character reflects the moral and ethical standards of Fresno Pacific Biblical Seminary.

Letter of Recommendation Requirement

This scholarship does not require a letter of recommendation.