Collins Family Scholarship

This scholarship was established in 1984 by Thomas and Linda Collins in recognition of the need for Christian students to receive a quality education and therefore be better equipped to serve the Lord in secular as well as Christian vocations.


  • Preference given to student applicants who are members of the Madera Avenue Bible Church;
  • Student applicants who demonstrates financial need;
  • Must meet NCAA Division II regulations for scholarships if a student athlete;
  • Evidence of Christian commitment and acceptance of the moral standards of Fresno Pacific University;
  • Demonstrates sufficient academic ability to complete a full course of study at Fresno Pacific University;
  • Student applicants who are citizen of the United States.

Special Criteria

Please state how you are related to Thomas or Linda Collins. 

Have a leader of your church fill out the SCHOLARSHIP RECOMMENDATION FORM stating your church involvement.

Letter of Recommendation Requirement

This scholarship requires a letter of recommendation. You can add one to your profile and it will be added to your application.