Celsa Shewan Memorial Endowed Scholarship

The Celsa Shewan Memorial Endowed Scholarship was established in 2018 by friends and family as a way to carry on Celsa's legacy. Celsa enjoyed a long career with Fresno County Schools and Fresno Unified School District as a Special Education teacher, specializing in the visually impaired. Shortly after her retirement, she began working with Fresno Pacific University, first as an adjunct professor and then as an associate professor. In the course of her work at the University, she organized and administered the Early Childhood Special Education Program. Under her tutelage, dozens of FPU students received an Early Childhood credential, and went on to make a significant impact on the lives of special needs children.

Celsa was beloved by her students and colleagues, both for her professional abilities as a teacher and administrator, and for her warm, caring, and lively personality. She touched the lives of many FPU students, and indirectly, the lives of the children who were positively impacted by those students. Many of Celsa's colleagues and students were inspired to participate in the endowment of this scholarship, so that her legacy of excellence and compassion will be remembered and carried on.

Celsa passed away on January 2, 2018. The scholarship is intended to honor her by assisting deserving students in the Early Childhood program who demonstrate financial need which cannot be met from other sources.


  • Preference shall be given to applicants in the Early Childhood Special Education Program;
  • Student applicants who have a CUM GPA of 3.2 or higher;
  • Must meet NCAA Division II Legislation for Athletic Aid if a student athlete;
  • Students who personal character reflects the moral and ethical standards of Fresno Pacific University.

Special Criteria

Two letters if recommendation required. One of these letters should be from an FPU faculty member.

Letter of Recommendation Requirement

This scholarship requires a letter of recommendation. You can add one to your profile and it will be added to your application.