Alumni, parents, friends, businesses and foundations have generously provided a special set of scholarships available to students attending Fresno Pacific. These scholarships are vital both to FPU and the students we serve.

Getting Started

1. Create an account

First-time applicants will need to create a user account. This same account will be used every year you apply, but please update your profile each school year. Applicants must also complete a FAFSA, except for undocumented and international students.

2. Apply to scholarships

Once you have created an account, you my navigate to the Scholarships page to view all of the scholarships. Be sure to review the requirements for each scholarships, like your enrollment area and GPA. Also note that some scholarships may not be ready for applications currently for various reasons. These scholarships won't have an 'Apply Now' button. Check back regularly to see if these scholarships are ready for applications.

3. Monitor your scholarship applications

Once you have applied to some scholarships, you can View your profile to review your applications and your profile information.

4. Thank donors!

Awarded students will receive an email from Connie McNeely requesting that you write a letter of appreciation to your donor. Only those students who send this note of appreciation to their donor will be eligible to reapply for the scholarship in future years!